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July 23, 2017   Mark Mxxxxx, Lake Mxxxxx RV Park, Cxxxxx, CA   Please include some promo material with my order. I live at the RV park and would be happy to make a display.  Iíve been using and advising use of your great product for the better part of a decade, ever since I first used it to rescue a plugged holding tank in my fatherís Holiday Rambler - saved me a days work.  Again, thank you and well done on bringing to market CLEARLY the most effective tank chem available- nothing else even comes close.

July 18, 2017    Gerald Hxxxx, Jefferson City, MO.     I have not needed to order any for a while as we have been parked at home. But on our trip home to Missouri from Tucson, via Charleston S C our black tank had 3 lights lit all the time. After we got home i flushed everything really well. Still 3 lights. So I put in 8 oz of break up and 3/4 tank of water. 36 hrs later I dumped and all is well again. Will order before we head out for Tucson in November.

April 12, 2013 Bill S. Reno, NV.  My wife and I have traveled in our RV to all 49 states and as far as eastern Canada. We never go anywhere without Break-Up plus.  On our most recent return trip, we spent a few days at a park in Louisiana. While there we needed to drain the black water tank. I didnít know that the drain hose had a crack in it. When I opened the valve the waste went all over the ground. Other Rvers asked me what chemical we used as the waste didnít have any odor. I told them BREAK-UP PLUS.

Nov. 5, 2012 Ralph N., Oregon   I heard from my son who lives in an RV. He told me that all the full timers (those who live full time in their RV) in his park use your product. He implied that some believe there was divine intervention in the development of your product.   Something like that, anyway. It's good stuff.

October 23, 2012, Steve E., Tiffin Chapter Pres. FMCA Board Member, AR.   I have ordered and used Break-Up for several years and have suggested it's use to all our Tiffin Club members. I personally notice it does a good job during these HOT summer months we have had. I strongly feel it DOES a much better job and in using a better "black hose" it cleans and sends a LOT more "debris" thru as I see it in portion of clear tube. Much better smell as wife hates strong cleaners.
Extremely good company response with support, which is hard to find these days.
I know I've passed the pamphlet out at rallies... and other members have remarked also.

Oct. 20, 2012 Kathy and Randy B., FL.    I highly recommend Break-Up Plus for Rvers everywhere. We have found that this product BAR NONE is the best product on the market. I wish that it was available at all RV dealers and suppliers. This product works great to do just as the name implies, it breaks up waste and paper in your black water tank. We prefer the unscented but have used the scented also. I hope to never be without it.

Oct. 11, 2012 Scott N., Lodi, CA.     I heard of breakup originally from another couple who lived in their RV. My wife and I decided to try it because of the fact there are no harmful chemicals and it was supposed to work well. This is my second order, our first was for 2 quarts and it lasted us for about 4 months. We are full timers with a 33' 5th wheel and love how well it works, even in the 100+ degree weather. I have converted my parents to your product as well. It does seem that you could benefit from some marketing or something, because most people I talk to have never heard of it. Once they use your product, every one I know gets online and buys it.
If you want some more information about anything or to ask some other questions please feel free. I am more than willing to try and help you promote your product.

Sept. 6, 2012 Veanna & Layton F., Sutherlin, OR.,    My husband forgot to close the black water tank and you know what the result was. He began calling RV dealers and finally talked to Wagers in Salem, OR who recommended Break Up. We followed the directions and within 24 hours the problem was solved. We have used this product for about ten years and would not be without Brake Up as long as we have an RV. Sincerely

Aug. 19, 2012 Finch J., Olympia, WA.,     When I was cleaning out my parents old RV to sell it I found the bottle of Break-Up plus. I actually use it in my front load washer and it takes care of the smell that comes from the build up they get. I make sure I put it in each load of clothes that soiling from my special needs son who is 17 and not toilet trained. The Break-up plus makes the entire load clean and fresh. I tried other brands but none work as well as Break-Up plus. Thanks, Finch

April 30, 2008 B. H., Washington    I love your product. It does everything you claim it will do. I have been Rving for 10 years and have tried every single product on the market.    one I This is will stick to forever!   No smell, no blue fingers from handling the cap.   Quick and easy to use with GREAT results. Thank you!

Aug. 22, 2006  G. Hans,  Ky.  We are full-timers and have used Break-Up exclusively for several years.  It is a great product and I highly recommend it to all RVers.

Tom G., Harlingen, TX., July 24, 2006.  Works great. This is the best tank chemical I have ever used and I have been trying different ones for the last 5 years.  I have told everyone to buy this product including my brother-in-law.  I do wish that more RV stores kept it in stock.

David D., Angwin, CA., July 17, 2006.  I'm a Good Sam member and your Break-Up plus is the best I have ever used in 7 years of motorhoming.

Susie A., Dallas, TX., June 5, 2006.   My shipment of Break-Up arrived and as stated on your web site my $3.00 refund for shipping to a business address was inside the box.  It's nice to see that your company really does what they say it will.  We also love how the Break-Up works in our RV.

Gary Niehans, TN., Aug. 8, 2005.      We have been using Break-Up for nine months and found it to be an excellent holding tank product.  I no longer have black water tank clogs or any odors.  I highly recommend this fine product.

K. Richards, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,  May 16, 2005.      We have tried a quart of your Break-up plus in our holding tanks & we are very impressed with the results. We purchased the product in Yuma, AZ. and are now in Vancouver, Canada. Please tell us where we can find more of the product.

Fred & Mrs. Dalton, UT., May 11, 2005.      Break-up really does live up to its name. The solid waste seems to liquefy sooner and more completely than with any previous product we have used over the last ten years. The scent is pleasant and the non-staining feature is a plus. Using less to do more is always a bonus and the dispensing caps are easy to use with very little dripping. As long as we are able to obtain it you may rest assured that we will use it.

Walt Byers, CA.,  May 3, 2005.     I ordered 2 trial quarts of Breakup to give it a try. I didn't expect to much as most products don't turn out the way they are promised. Well, this stuff is great. It works terrific. Itís so easy to use. No stains, no strong chemical smell and it really stops toilet holding tank odors. Iím sold on it. In fact I am ordering 4 more quarts. Please post my comments on your website for others to read. I am a believer.

Jim Hedrick,  TX., April 25, 2005.   I was very pleased with the Break-up I ordered from you. It worked much better than any other  product I have used.

Karen D., GA., April 22, 2005.    Break-up is the best I have ever used in my 6 years of RVing.  I never want to use any other again.

Polly F., AZ., April 19, 2005.    We really like your product. We are down to 1/2 a bottle. Where can I get it along our route or can you rush a shipment?

Donald A., FL.,  Oct.31, 2004.      GREAT. I had problems with gray water odor and this took care of it.  Also, it took care of lubricating valves.

Ted T.,  MO., Aug. 8, 2004.     One of my gages was off, maybe due to paper stuck on it, your product BREAK-UP cleared it.

James E.,  WA., Aug. 8, 2004.      It breaks up everything in the holding tank to make it easier to drain. It also has a very excellent smell.

Mike H.,  AZ., July 15, 2004.       Break-Up doesnít require as much as other products. This product lasts longer and there is never a bad smell.

Linda H. AL., July 7, 2004.       It really makes our bathroom smell a lot fresher.