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Complete Odor Control Under All Conditions  -

Use in  Both Black and Gray Water Tanks -

NO Formaldehyde  -  NO Enzymes or phosphates  -

Works in All Temperatures -

For best results, start with 1 ounce to 10 gallons

in a tank charged with fresh water.

For re-circulating toilets use 2 oz. for each 10 gallons.

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Break-Up plus 1-8 oz.

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8 oz.

Treats 80 gal.





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Formula 1010.88

Contains the latest research for the best odor control, liquefaction and shelf life anywhere.


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Conservation Chemistry Corp.
BREAK-UP plus Deodorizer and Solid Waste Liquefier

The Premier Recreational Vehicle Holding Tank Chemical

Use in both black water holding tanks and gray water holding tanks.  Break-Up plus can be used in any and all RVs, family and luxury motor coaches, at campgrounds, RV parks and RV resorts with city sewer or septic systems, houseboats, sailboats, yachts, fishing charter boats, cruise ship maintenance, tour buses and motor coach charters, porta-potties, outdoor portable rental toilets, special event commodes, and nursing homes where it is safe for both user and equipment. It can be found at over a 1,000 RV parts and accessories stores throughout North America, even though it is best known on the west coast where it originated. Many campgrounds and RV resorts use it themselves for maintenance.

It is offered in UNSCENTED or lightly SCENTED.

Break-Up Plus is a synergistic blend of non-toxic biodegradable ingredients combined to provide the fastest and most effective liquefying and deodorizing of waste and tissue. It is environmentally safe and approved by California for dumping in sewer and septic systems. Break-Up Plus has been tested by the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission and requires no precautionary labeling. It is safe for use around children, pets and seniors. It is non-allergenic, contains no formaldehyde or other pollutants, is non-enzymatic as it is not a bacteria, and s no phosphates. Break-Up Plus removes stains left from waste or other sanitation products while its own color is non-staining. It provides complete odor control in all temperatures, dissolves tissue, liquefies solids and removes existing waste build-up left by other toilet chemicals and prevents future buildup. It can inexpensively unplug plumbing and is the best sensor cleaner available while it also frees valves and gauges over night.

For people with allergies to the pungent masking scents of the most popular brand, Break-Up Plus is offered in its original unscented formula while for those who prefer a fragrance we offer a light fragrance that is not overpowering.

As a friend to the environment, campground owners are enthusiastic about Break-Up's ability to amend waste without hurting septic system operation.

For best results, start with 1 ounce to 10 gallons in a tank charged with fresh water.
For recirculating toilets use 2 oz. for each 10 gallons.

It may be successfully added to tanks already using another brand with various degrees of effectiveness depending on fecal content and the other sanitation product.

Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., Quarts, 5 gallon pour spout containers

For marinas we make a super concentrate 2.75 times stronger then the standard product. Two 5 gallon containers = a 55 gallon drum of bottled strength.1 oz. of the super concentrate treats 27.5 gallons.

For a 5 gallon porta-potty reservoir use 1/3 oz. of the super concentrate. 

The Many Faces of the RV Experience

How, When and Where to Use Break-Up plus

When beginning the RV adventure the RVer needs to adjust to a downsized environment which translates into “cramped spaces”. You can only carry so much and must learn about bottle shapes, sizes and heights, what you are going to carry in the coach and what you are going to put in the bins underneath.  Cleanliness is also very important. You can’t leave open food containers laying around while going down the road or you may create more of a mess to clean up than you ever thought possible including stains on the carpet.  Fresh air is another desirable feature both when parked or moving.

With a little experience RVers become very efficient and knowledgeable about the do’s and don’ts of traveling in an RV.  The kitchen and bathroom are probably the most high maintenance areas of any RV.  The kitchen, as the food preparation area, must be kept sanitary at all times with opened containers properly closed and safely stored immediately after use.  The bathroom is smaller than you may have been used to in your house and will requires extra attention to keep it clean and fresh.
Unlike the formaldehyde based toilet chemicals with the staining blue dye, our holding tank chemical is non-formaldehyde and the blue color is a safe food grade coloring. Break-Up Plus uses a unique time release odor controlling mechanism to eliminate odors by preventing bacteria from creating noxious gases. In addition to using it in the black water tank, Break-Up Plus should also be used in gray water holding tanks as well. It is also safe for use on food preparation counter tops to sanitize and deodorize. Just an ounce or two in a quart of water or pour Break-Up directly on the counter and spread it over the intended area for safe and effective cleaning and disinfecting.  The wide variety of uses available from just one bottle of Break-Up Plus saves you a lot of storage space. You may want to keep a quart in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Full Time RVer

Full timers are usually retirees who have worked all their lives, have their homes paid off and decided to see the world for themselves. Many of these newcomers might have sold their homes, bought their RV and put the rest of the proceeds in the bank to live off of in the future. They may choose a nice motor home for two or go all out and get a top of the line luxury motor home. Most full timers join RV family motor home clubs to meet others living the carefree lifestyle of RVing.


Weekenders are usually families with regular jobs, have children and enjoy the outdoors together with their families when time permits.   The have a mortgage and are probably in debt for everything including the RV but know how to enjoy the weekends and still stay in budget.  Their RVs are usually smaller then the fulltimers and they go to different events like sports or the lake.  They may occasionally go to a club rally but not as regularly as full timers.  For this group, RVing is a family thing.

RV Clubs and Rallies

There are many clubs for RVers.  They may range from manufacturer’s clubs that may even be categorized into the same model.  Then there are the clubs for people with the same interests, age groups and other diversities.  There is even one for retired military.  The national clubs are usually broken down into state, regional and local chapters with meets ranging from  a weekend get together all the way up to their annual national rally.  Other non-specific clubs can be found as local groups of friends who just like to party.

Campgrounds, RV Park and RV Resorts

Designed for shorter stays and a more rugged outdoor experience.  There are winter time RV Parks and RV Resorts especially equipped for long term stays by Rving snowbirds who travel from the northern states to Southern California and Arizona, the Rio Grande river in southern Texas and of course Florida.  There are thousands of campgrounds across the United States and Canada where families take their vacations every summer.  Some of the up scale RV resorts are chains with parks across the country where time share members can enjoy the RVing experience while traveling from one of their membership RV resorts to the next. Many seasonal full-timers will make their reservations a year in advance to ensure themselves a spot for next year. Break-Up Plus is sold exclusively at some parks because it won’t damage the septic systems and dissolves approved tissue.

RV Rentals

There are large national RV rental companies that provide the renter with more convenience and service as well as a larger traveling area.  Using a national RV rental company is convenient if you want to drive to your destination, drop off the RV and fly home. Most RV rental companies, however, are local operations with only a few RV rentals that serve a region and you must return it to the same place when you are done.  Renting is a very cost effective way to experience the RV lifestyle without paying the full price of ownership especially for the once a year user.  You may have found Break-Up Plus in the commode when you rented the unit.

Boats, Fishing Charters, Party Boats, Yachts, Cruise Ships

Those who love the water from fishing on local lakes to deep sea fishing charters to those fortunate enough to have sailing yachts, all want to protect the environment from pollution.  The smaller bass boats usually carry a porta-potty with them for this reason.  They can then dispose of their waste when they return to shore rather than pollute the lake.  Many fishing charter companies use Break-Up Plus in the onboard heads to accommodate large off shore fishing charter parties. Harbor touring party boats also use Break-Up Plus with complete satisfaction. We even have ocean sailing yacht charters using our product for ocean voyages.  Cruise Ships have a somewhat different kind of holding tank arrangement from the porta-potties and onboard heads found on the private craft.  Cruise ships do, however, treat both black water and gray water marine waste for disease control and to protect the passengers from bacterial outbreaks.


Houseboats can be found on most large lakes in North America.   There are privately owned houseboats and rental fleets especially on the Corp. of  Engineers man made lakes found on the national river systems. These artificial lakes have strict regulations for overboard dumping making a product like Break-Up Plus a must.  As a marine sanitation product Break-Up plus is used by  houseboat rental fleets nationwide as well as sold at marina stores for personal use.  Marine waste is an environmentally sensitive issue dealing with the food chain, both plant and animal.  Some products for treating fecal waste contain formaldehyde or other toxins and should not be used for marine sanitation.  Break-Up plus contains only safe and effective ingredients making it the ideal deodorizer for both land and marine applications.

Charter Tour Buses and Motor Coaches

Charter tour buses, sometimes called motor coach tour buses, have on board toilets for their passenger’s comfort.  These toilets get a lot of use from one destination to the next considering the size of the facility and the number of people using them. The toilet chemical needed for this application must be powerful and fast acting. Break-Up Plus is just that toilet chemical.

Special Events, Porti-Potties, Outdoor portable rental toilets

When RVers go to special events such as concerts, soccer games and other sporting events where large numbers of people gather they also find that outdoor portable rental toilets are provided. Everyone has seen them and most people have used them at one time or another.  You will no doubt also remember the pungent chemical odor and the staining blue dye that may have ruined your clothes.  Break-Up Plus is transforming the outdoor portable toilet industry by replacing the toxic, pungent blue stuff generally used in these facilities for over half a century. Break-Up Plus works fast, is safe for use around children and seniors and won’t ruin your clothes.  Similarly, construction job sites of all kinds are now required by all local and state government health departments to provide porta-potties for the workers.  Break-Up Plus is becoming the accepted alternative across the country.

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